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Bathroom Remodel: Shower tile

old tub new tub tile




Project was an addition next to a pool, approximately 20'x30'. Area had a six foot mound of debris (dirt, stone and one dead turtle) that had to be removed before grading.

Prepping for pavers Prepping for Pavers involved removal and grading of existing area. String lines are finish tile height.

Paver prep with my helper Newton Almost ready for pavers. My helper "Newton" enjoys a break in the shade.

first five rows are set First five rows of 16" x 2" pavers.

Completed and sanded Completed paver rows, finish sanding in process.

Bathroom Tile, Nehalem, OR.

Floor prep over the river Flooring prep on this 100 year old building on pier posts involved waiting for the tide to go out! Bowed floor joists were planed and then "sistered" with new material before subfloor was installed.

New flooring, countertops and backsplash installed. New flooring, countertops and backsplash installed. Backsplash was cut and graded from tile waste. Pre-inspection revealed that sink area had to be remodeled to allow for wheelchair access.

Finished floor w/new paint Finished bathroom with new paint and fixtures installed. Tile facia was added at sink to hide cabinet cutaway.

Chinese slate and recycled fir

Remainder of the facility was a mix of Chinese slate and reclaimed hardwoods - from a demolished Army barrack in Washington. Customer wanted a free flowing look so all transitions were curved. Because the building had settled so badly, entire structure had to be raised to replace foundation which resulted in uneven flooring subsurfaces that had to be built-up with a combination of additional underlayments and self levelers.

Entry Hardwoods were installed first and then slate field installed up to transitions before templates were used to shape transition tiles.

cage room to reception Half moon transition at doorway.

half moon transition

Kitchen entry Entry to Kitchen on the left (another area that had to be completely rejoisted) and surgery straight ahead.

Wall to wall tile, Tucson, AZ.

Project was a wall-to-wall of a 2 bedroom house in Tucson. Material is 12" ceramic.

Kitchen and hall Hallway of house. Kitchen wall was the starting point to ensure that all connecting walls were square. New trim molding was installed where older had rotted out.

front room with new paint Front Room with new tile and paint.

Front Room

Entry Front door entry, Front Room.

bathtub cuts Bathtub cut-in. Templates were used for tub and trim cuts.