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Nehalem Animal Hospital
All walls and ceiling were removed in main area for rewiring, replumbing and installation of HVAC. Special care was needed to shim reframing to existing 100 year old studs. Ceilings were left open to expose beam work and lighten overall feel.

Drywall Reception Metal trim was installed at all custom doorwork to tighten look at exposed beams and headers (fashioned from reclaimed glu-lams from the old Seaside Safeway building, giving the building an oriental feel).

Drywall to Hall Rat runs were installed for added lighting cams and to hide HVAC ducting.

Drywall 2nd story window 16 foot walls were topped with barrel wood and circular windows. Drywall was 1/4" layers, wetted to achieve curves. Scaffolding on beams were removed once exposed ceilings were installed. All walls were flat finished (no texture).