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Tucson Window Replacement
This house is an adobe style stucco typical of the southwestern desert area. Original windows were single pane in aluminum frames, not very energy efficient for 120 degree heat. Replacements are U-30, low E, Argon filled in vinyl frames that lowered the overall temperature of the house by 10 degrees.

Cut out for octogon Cutting out the 3'x3' using replacement octogon as the template, removing stucco, studs and wire. Opening is then reframed for new window.

octogon interior

finished octogon interior Interior and exterior surfaces are then match-patched to existing areas and painted.

exterior octogon

kitchen window Original kitchen window was single pane in a cast iron frame on the west side of the house. Very hot and bright in the evenings. The new window (pictured) lowered glare as well as cut evening temperatures.

bedroom window This bedroom window was installed from the inside so was removed by cutting back the drywall and then patched in flush with rock strips before mud, caulk and texture.

bedroom window This bedroom was a stucco add-on with cinderblock construction. Windows of this type are glued in. Existing window was cut out and then replacement glued and blocked until dry, then caulked and stucco patched before repaint.