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Armoire, Portland, OR.
armoire armoire  armoire side view armoire drawers small drawer armoire armoire bench

Front Porch and Stairs, Portland, OR.
porch porch  porch

Nehalem Animal Hospital, Nehalem, OR.
Most of the finish woodwork was done using recycled Fir woods from an old Army Barracks being demolished in Washington. Additionally, larger wood pieces used for oversized door headers and sideposts and counters were old glu-lams from the original Safeway store in Seaside, fashioned with chainsaw, saw-zall or circular cut (depending on cut angles and curvatures) before planing and sanding. Old woods like these are tighter grained and have aethetic value in their unique patterns. There's also the added pride in giving old wood new life instead of additional strain on new tree stock.

Reception counter Countertop is recycled glu-lam. Wood branch is newer driftwood. Wainscotting is recycled army barrack fir. Wainscotting pieces were routed on the backsides to hide metal L brackets holding counter to walls. Top countertop has already been wrapped prior to painting.

surgical suite Surgical suite overlooks the river. Half-wall and floor are matching recycled fir. Divider is original reclaimed fat-stud pine.

front reception Entry side of reception desk shows fir wainscotting, glu-lam countertop notched onto 4"x6" pine. Glu-lam headers and posts are in the background.

breakroom wall Far side of breakroom wall looking into surgical suite.

reception side counter Counter pre-installed to make room for other tasks. Large header for exam room entrances prior to french door installation.

Kitchen Cabinets, Portland, OR.

Old commode room has been opened up and remodeled on kitchen side to accomodate a side by side refridgerator, with
period glass doors and hardware used in constructing cabinet above to match existing.
Side wall in kitchen was opened up to remodel extra closet - bedroom on far side had two - into much needed shelving space as well as a wine rack (hand cut Hemlock) and book shelf.
Shelves are on ball-bearing sliders for easy access. Doors and hardware are period. All moulding was custom shaped to match existing trims.